Designer Naoko Sakai(Graphic, Product designer)

Designer Kayokoyama(Craft, Product designer)


Our concept is to create products which express fun and joy, emotions which are shared together with the people we interact with. Our goal is to design products which will naturally make you smile when held in your hands. Various activities, such as a private exhibitions, workshops, and an events are carried out and based in Tokyo.

2010年 都内ミュージアムショップ、セレクトショップなどにて、プロダクト販売
2010年 インターナショナルギフトショー出展(東京/ビッグサイト)
2012年 赤坂東急プラザ「Be My Valentine 2012」企画/出品(東京/赤坂)
2012年 麻布十番ギャラリー「10/dix 動物墨絵のある風景 」出展(東京/麻布十番)
      マレーシア Desginer’s Weekend 2012」出展(マレーシア/クアラルンプール)
2012年 西麻布ギャラリールベイン「TRAVEL」出展(東京/西麻布)
      インテリアライフスタイル リビング展出展(東京/ビッグサイト)
2012年 イタリア文化会館 展示(東京/九段下)
      ギャラリー元浜 個展「あったかい展」開催(岐阜)
      長良川おんぱく 「Stone Paperでオリジナルグラスマーカーを作ろう」ワークショップ開催(岐阜)
2013年 MILANO fuori SALONE出展(イタリア/ミラノ)

since 2010 ◎Started selling products in museum shops and some retail shops in Tokyo and Kanagawa.
September 2010 ◎Participated a display booth at TOKYO INTERNATIONAL GIFT SHOW.
February 2012 ◎Hold a valentine event “Be My Valentine 2012″ at AKASAKA TOKYU PLAZA in Akasaka Tokyo among with organic chocolate, semi-ordermade clothes and jewelry blands.
July 2012 ◎Participated in the exhibition of “10/dix” at the AZABU JUBAN GALLERY in Tokyo. ◎Participated in “DESIGNER’S WEEKEND 2012″ in Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIA.
October 2012 ◎Exhibition “TRAVEL” with Design Heart at the GALLERY LE BAIN in NishiAzabu Tokyo. ◎Participated a display booth ”INTERIOR LIFESTYLE LIVING” at TOKYO BIG SIGHT in Tokyo.
November 2012 ◎Participated ISTITUTO ITALIANO DE CULTURA in Tokyo. ◎Hold an individual exhibition “ATTAKAI-TEN” at GALLERY MOTOHAMA in Gifu. ◎Hold a workshop of “make your own glass markers” in NAGARAGAWA ONPAKU in Gifu.
April 2013 ◎Exhibition “MILANO FUORI SALONE 2013”at ZONA TARTINA in Milano Italy.

Oh! Kaishi(Red)


OH! Kaishi(Yellow)